Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Plate a Day

Just found this interesting blog called A Plate a Day
I am Nov 25. I would like a plate a day
Molly Hatches plate (pictured here) is Nov 24

Monday, December 15, 2008


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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pizzelle and Pie

Images from thanksgiving at the farm. Pizzelle seem a natural follow up to the wycinanki in the last post. Plus apple, blackberry and quince pie.

Wycinanki Paper Cuts and Pisanki

My latest find that is soon to be a Soup Shop Design. These vintage paper cuts are amazing, scrounged from the back cupboards of a high school art room, some were cut in 1973.....five years before I was born. Also the books on egg dying have some great pictures you can look forward to seeing on tiles very soon.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

APF - Warren Mackenzie, Steve Godfrey, Josh Deweese

There was actually a sort of frantic raffle for Warren MacKenzies work. I somehow did not know about Mackenzie Mania

Steve Godfrey

Josh Deweese. I love that pitcher.

APF - Marty Fielding

Visit Martys new shop online

support this great guy who just had a baby. Diapers are expensive you know.

My Little Secret

So some people ask how I manage to not have a real teaching gig or coffee shop job working as a potter.

Here is my dirty little secret. I sell beads. Yes beads, and not beads made by me either.
Beautiful vintage glass and plastic beads. Beads that are often the inspiration for my patterning

Here is a sneak peek at my store - Peppermintsoda

APF - Liz Zlot-Summerfield

I love the way Liz uses Terra Sig and Glaze for a shiny and matte combo.

APF - Ron Meyers

Ron Meyers gave a very interesting and some what humorous account of his life and endevours to figure out his work.

APF - Kowkie Durst

This is work by Kowkie Durst of Portland OR. I love the ones with bicycles on them.

LinkSo I just got a call from Molly Miller at The Northern Clay Center invining me back to the American Pottery Festival next year. I think perhaps I should finish uploading the images from the 08 fest before I sign the papers for 09

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Etsy Treasury Video

This is strange but it is flattering to have been included

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Moving Right Along.

Ahhhh, the PMA show is over. It was an amazing experience but an exhausting one too. Thanks to all of you who came to see the show. Fingers crossed I get in next year as well. The flowers from my booth are still going strong after more than a week.

I have taken a few days to rest up and am now filling my shop with new work for the holiday season. This is your chance if you couldn't make it to the Museum show.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tumblers to Washington State

I really love internet interactions with people I do not know. Scott from WA asked for two tumblers and this is the pair I sent him. He just emailed me to say he loves them. Yeah! I like sending my work off to people I know only through email. It is a whole new type of relationship
I think these will have a great home.
Thanks Scott.

APF - Alison Reintjes

APF - Gail Kendall

Gail Teaches at UNL and makes amazing low fire work with lots of luster. I left the festival wanting to go home and bust out the gold. Amazingly enough, I got home and my upstairs neighbor gave me a small kiln so I can start lustering soon!!!

APF - Brenda Quinn

Brenda Quinns gorgeous flower coated pots