Friday, May 15, 2009

City Paper Trunk Show

Come and Visit. There will be beer, food, music and hand made things.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Calling all Philly Peeps

Tonight at Eastern State Penitentiary: Mary Jo Boles exhibition Purge Incomplete. MJ made most of the components for this exhibition at Kohler as well as visiting Philly a few times to go to the amazing Philadelphia Anthenaeum, an amazing library with a huge collection of books relating to early Philadelphia city planning. It is going to be smashing.

Eastern State Penn. Fairmount and 22nd St. 5.30 - 7.30pm See you there!!!

Galloway: Quiescent

My last shout out for Julia......
all the cups are now online

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Julia Galloway: Quiescent

Currently The Clay Studio is hosting an exhibition by Julia Galloway, one of my favorite ceramic artists.

Galloways newest body of work titled Quiescent has been installed on 400+ shelves in the gallery. Each shelf holds a tumbler. Galloway has used the tumblers as canvas for her drawings. Each surface displays an image of a bird represented in James Audoubons: Birds of North America

There is also an audio component to this show. Some of the shelves contain sound modules and motion detectors. As you pass by, a bird begins to chirp or
warble. The space becomes activated and alive, as if filled with the real live birds represented by the imagery.

First Friday in Old City is a mess of people wandering in and out of the galleries. The room was wildly loud and the bird calls were almost drowned out even though all the sounds were being activated at once.

Galloway covered the walls of the gallery with a chalk drawing that reminds me of a garden fence. This image is echoed in the glaze patterning on her pitchers.

The most powerful moments seem to come when the gallery is empty save for one person slowly walking around the room, connecting with each sound as it begins and ends.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Also.....Small Favors opens tonight. check out all the work HERE

Sneak Peek - Julia Galloway: Quiescent

I have spent this week working at The Clay Studio taking down the massive Helen Drutt Celebration show and helping install the three new shows that open tonight.

All week long Julia Galloway and her team of dedicated helpers have been transforming The Clay Studio gallery into a garden paradise.
Julia's former student Josh Harmony helps chalk the walls while the freshly painted pedestals dry
Ayumi Horie helps Julia inspect a plate while studio assistant Steven inspects another. Steven drove out from Montana with Julia and all the work.

Grad Student Patrick Coughlin traveled in from Florida for the installation. The amount of people who traveled up to help certainly speaks to how very lovely Julia is.

The rest is up to your imagination but let me tell you this is one stunning show. Come out tonight for the opening or stay tuned for a post on the finished show.