Friday, May 13, 2011

Discovery: Derek Au

 Derek Au is an American ceramist based in Jingdezhen China
Derek will be showing at The Clay Studio next season and I cannot wait! His pieces are inspired by tinware, origami and Song Dynasty Qingbai ware. Each piece is made from slabs that are folded into the forms. Au uses templates he draws using traditional tinware makers tools. He then uses the templates to make the clay forms.
These are such delicate forms, i cant wait to hold them!

Focus: Vases and Chocolate

We are starting a new series of online exhibitions at The Clay Studio called Focus.

 Focus is an extension of our brick and mortar shop. Objects are pulled from our display shelves and cabinets or fresh new work from makers both familiar and new are grouped to tell a story, visualize an idea or explore a form or theme.
 Now you can experience our shop at home.
These tangible, tactile objects are made to experience, made for use, for YOUR home.

May features 62 vases each with an bar organic bar of chocolate sized for sharing.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Discovery: Daniel Ricardo Teran

Ok, so this is not exactly a new discovery for me, but it may well be for you. My sweethearts best work ever is now online at AKAR. It looks amazing. Well done Daniel.