Friday, October 29, 2010

Sneak Peek: Gifted

So this year I got to pick all the artists in this fantastic show. The work for Novembers part is almost all here and we have been photographing like crazy. Visit the shop and see what you like best. I would love to know what you all think. These images are just a few of the fantastic pieces that we have.

The most amazing part is that this year all of the pieces sent by 70+ artists will be put into our online shop. So all you ceramic fiends put there can get  your mittens on them.

And just because I love you sooooo much.....if you purchase from the shop and enter this code during check out meltmyheart   You Can Get 10% OFF

Participating artists include: Jennifer Allen, Kurt Anderson, Ingrid Bathe, Nick Bivins, Birdie Boone, Yasha Butler, Jeff Campana,Rebecca Chappell, Michael Connelly, Sam Chung, Circa Ceramic Tile, Steven Colby, Melissa Crotty, Marc Digeros, Paul Donnelly, David Eichelberger, Heather Mae Erickson, Marty Fielding,Ryan Greenheck, Future Retrieval, Molly Hatch, Lana Heckendorn, Matt Hyleck, Hiroe Hanazono, Rain Harris Jewelry, Bryan Hopkins, Stepanka Horlakova, Meredith Host, Brad Johnson, Gretchen Kramp Tile, Jeff Kleckner, Simon Levin, Motawil Tile, Ruchika Madan, Jennifer Martin, Lorna Meaden, Jenny Mendez, Michelle Miller, Joyce Nagata, Kathryn Narrow, Brooke Noble, Sean O'Connell, Lisa Orr, Doug Peltzman, Joe Pintz, Adam Posnak, Kari Radasch, Pete Scherzer, Kevin Snipes, Doug Spalding, Shawn Spangler, Emily Schroeder, Andy Shaw, Charlie Tefft, Munemitsu Taguchi, Daniel Ricardo Teran, Shoko Teruyama, Sue Tirrell, Holly Walker, Debbie Williams, Tara Wilson and Gwendolyn Yoppolo.