Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Plate a Day

Just found this interesting blog called A Plate a Day
I am Nov 25. I would like a plate a day
Molly Hatches plate (pictured here) is Nov 24

Monday, December 15, 2008


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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pizzelle and Pie

Images from thanksgiving at the farm. Pizzelle seem a natural follow up to the wycinanki in the last post. Plus apple, blackberry and quince pie.

Wycinanki Paper Cuts and Pisanki

My latest find that is soon to be a Soup Shop Design. These vintage paper cuts are amazing, scrounged from the back cupboards of a high school art room, some were cut in 1973.....five years before I was born. Also the books on egg dying have some great pictures you can look forward to seeing on tiles very soon.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

APF - Warren Mackenzie, Steve Godfrey, Josh Deweese

There was actually a sort of frantic raffle for Warren MacKenzies work. I somehow did not know about Mackenzie Mania

Steve Godfrey

Josh Deweese. I love that pitcher.

APF - Marty Fielding

Visit Martys new shop online

support this great guy who just had a baby. Diapers are expensive you know.

My Little Secret

So some people ask how I manage to not have a real teaching gig or coffee shop job working as a potter.

Here is my dirty little secret. I sell beads. Yes beads, and not beads made by me either.
Beautiful vintage glass and plastic beads. Beads that are often the inspiration for my patterning

Here is a sneak peek at my store - Peppermintsoda

APF - Liz Zlot-Summerfield

I love the way Liz uses Terra Sig and Glaze for a shiny and matte combo.

APF - Ron Meyers

Ron Meyers gave a very interesting and some what humorous account of his life and endevours to figure out his work.

APF - Kowkie Durst

This is work by Kowkie Durst of Portland OR. I love the ones with bicycles on them.

LinkSo I just got a call from Molly Miller at The Northern Clay Center invining me back to the American Pottery Festival next year. I think perhaps I should finish uploading the images from the 08 fest before I sign the papers for 09