Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pottery Paycheck.

I am sitting here doing the Internet thing, drinking my afternoon coffee out of my favorite Paul Eshelman cup and what do you know, Paul is one of the other artists profiled in this months Ceramics Monthly Article "A Pottery Paycheck". I am so excited to be featured along side a veteran potter like Paul. I love his work. He was one of the first potters to inspire me to get it together and figure out how to make work. I cornered him for about an hour at The Baltimore Craft Show a bunch of years ago and asked him a million questions about how he makes his work. He was very accommodating even though I did not buy a thing (poor student at the time).

The other artist in the sneak peek is Diana Fayt. My Facebook friend and maker of beautiful pots.

Ceramics Arts Daily gave us this sneak peak at the article. I am still wondering who the other six potters might be.

P.S. House update. meeting with seller on Saturday!!! this really might happen.

Monday, April 20, 2009

New for SPRING

Porcelain Pinch Pots. 1" x 2" x2" $12 for four

Corn and Cobalt - Olive Servers 1" x 1.5" x 5" $15 for three.

Today is a super dreary one with a grey sky and rain drizzling pretty constantly. I thought it a good day to sit under a blanket with some tea and finally get to updating the Soup Shop.
It is now filled with vintage, handmade and re made objects. Something for every one.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Steph and Ryan

Some Philly bloggers like my pots - Thanks you guys :)

Ceramics Monthly - Working Potters.

Just sent my images and text to CM for their feature "Work and Play: The Potters Life". It will be in the June/July issue. I am so curious about the other four people they are profiling. Anyone know?


Some new tumblers in the shop for those of you who have been asking. I will be listing a bunch more in the next few days.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring has really sprung.

Spring time is here at last. Today it is 73 degrees and so very lovely out side. I moved all my plants to the studio balcony. Including the basil, spinach and lettuce seedlings I planted a month ago. I am glazing a new batch of work for the upcoming Art Star Craft Bazaar as well as the just added City Paper Trunk Show which is coming up super fast. It will be in Northern Liberties, on 2nd street in the brand new Piazza at Schimidts. 150 artists plus music, beer and food. The date for the Trunk Show is Saturday May 16th. Come out and help me get a little closer to buying that house.

I just unloaded a glaze firing of blues and greens. Look for new work soon in the shop

Thanks to everyone who bought dishes this week. I really might just get that house after all.

Plus I added the link to my Twitter in the side bar. It is a good way to keep connected to all the Philly ceramic happenings plus Etsy shop updates.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Help me Buy a House.

So I have found it, the house of my dreams. I just need to raise a little more cash for the down payment. The only plus to the awful economy - even an artist might be able to afford a house.

Help make my dreams come true. I will have you over for tea and cake any time you like.

Buy a dish - get my dog a yard!!!! naomiclearyceramics.etsy.com

and ok, it is not the house in the picture. but isn't it cute.

Yunomi Yunomi

One cup left! Check out the show over at AKAR

MADE IN CLAY 2009 Auction Online Now

Greenwich House Pottery is having there annual fund raiser Made in Clay and this year has added an online auction to spice things up. Now those of us not in NYC can get a piece of the action.

I'm Artsy!!

Wendy of Broken Box Designs and The Partsy Was nice enough to feature me yesterday. Check out the site for a bunch of great picks!

How to make a house a home

Etsy seller Cricketapollo was nice enough to include me in this beautiful treasury. Thanks

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Taxes are not looking good

How about a tax day buy one get one in the Etsy Shop. Want to? buy one item and tell me what you want for the second (as long as it is the same price or cheaper.)
Help me pay off my debts.