Friday, June 6, 2008

Art Star Yeah!!

So the first day of the Craft Bazaar was a rainy one but Sunday was beautiful. I am however so forgetful when it comes to taking pictures, I only managed to shoot a few of the booth and not very good ones at that. Ah well, many more opportunities to come for picture taking. I will say though my investment in a super dooper tent certainly paid off. Not a drop of rain got in on Saturday.

Perhaps I should mention that my awesome shelves were made by my amazing friend Tim Lewis of Tim Lewis Wood Working. They are a modified version of a design that Mike Davis made for Renegade last year. Thanks Dudes!!!


Patricia Griffin said...

Your booth looks great, as does the work! Love the soft washes of color. Hope the show went well for you.

Michael Kline said...

Fantastic color. I envy the range of color and the layers of pattern you are getting. Have a good show!

Guy Michael Davis said...

Naomi, I knew my shelf design would help you out, even better ones coming soon- GMD