Monday, August 2, 2010

Discovery: Makoto Kagoshima

I just discovered Japanese artist Makoto Kagoshima thanks to a plate a day and I am kinda in love. I think I connect with the floral imagery as it is sort of make-believe like the flowers and berries I draw. 
The images are from an exhibition at biotape in Japan. Thanks to Jollygoo for the instal images.


Ron said...

I discovered his work not long ago and fell in love w. it too. Really great imagery and colors. I love those little animals he makes too. It was neat to see how he used that light bulb to press out on the clay to give it volume.

Ben Carter said...

Kagoshima's floral plates are beautiful. They remind me of pennsylvania dutch folk art. I saw your work in the Flora show and it looks great.

Michel said...

nicely crafted work.