Saturday, March 31, 2012

Research: The Rosenfield Collection

Today I made an amazing discovery, the collection of David and Louise Rosenfield.
1,891 works by 418 artists
And you know that is only a little bit of what this couple has collected.
This is an amazing resource that I will be using both as a curator and as an artist. 
Collections are very personal and often are not opened up for viewing like this. The is a history to each of these objects that comes from the maker, and then there is the history and story of the collector. I have been lucky enough to visit a few homes with impressive collections and and what I usually enjoy the most is listening to the story of how the piece was acquired.  Couples that collect together are especially dear as each acquisition is a moment in their relationship, part of their collective history.


Patricia Griffin said...

What a wonderful resource. Thanks for sharing this!


As a ceramic artist AND a collector with my husband,this is wonderful to see as a collection. Very interesting.