Friday, August 29, 2008

Just Desserts

The Clay Studio is opening two new shows on Friday September 4th. One is Fellowship artist Colleen Toledanos exhibition subFoundation
The other is Just Desserts. A grouping of dessert settings by eight artists. I sent them round two of the Love-Lies-Bleeding series.

I will be in Minneapolis the week of the opening but all you Philadelphia blog readers should head to The Clay Studio anyway. It will be a good showing as back to school month is always crazy in Old City.

Oooh and Jenn Allen will be showing in the Bonovitz Space. Her work is always super.

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Deborah Woods said...

Hi, I am tagging you. If you don’t want to participate that’s understandable. If you do then just check out my post Sunday,Aug.31 for the rules. Have a great day! Don’t hate the messenger! I’m just a sheep in the herd!