Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The first work for APF

American Pottery Festival at The Northern Clay Center MN is fast approaching. These are the first glazed pots from all the work I made over the last few weeks.

This weekend though is th Collingswood Crafts and Art Festival. Come check out the work if you are in the area


anonymous julie said...

Nice! I'm liking the extra-layered dimensionality added by the fine red lines. Could also see a role reversal there, making your black lines the super fine ones and making the more orderly design with glaze and heavier lines... just wondering how it might look.

If I have not said so before, I like your plywood shelf and blue wall. It works so well for your work.


Patricia Griffin said...

Love the way you've carried the design on the platter to the underside with a continuation of the red lines/flower pattern. Very nice.