Saturday, January 24, 2009

Non Fiction Design Collective

This month Ohio based collective Non Fiction presented a stunning show of new work at The Clay Studio in Old City.

The group recently visited the porcelain factories of Meissen in Dresden, Germany where they used historical molds and Meissen's super white china to create new and strange versions of historical figurines. Once back in the States they combined other processes such as CNC milling and screen printing to make domestic objects that are hard to place in time. Collective members Steven Thurston, Guy Mike Davis, Clay Studio Visitor Ed, member Katie Parker chat it up in the gallery.
The fourth member of the group, Rebecca Harvey was holding down the fort back on Ohio.
Ohio made brick and letter press stampings combined with kitschy china trees and a flickering light culminate in Forest Light Nonfiction states "We are interested in merging the worlds of ceramics & printmaking and the remaking and reuse of industrial cast-offs. Operating in a hybrid world between handwork and mechanization we combine outdated processes like thermofax and letterpress with CNC milling and rapid prototyping. Labor intensive processes mix with strange detritus, abandoned wallpaper and clearance mousetraps combine with hand carved block prints and fussy porcelain. Our limited production is a mixture of intent and accident - a constant tug between addition and subtraction. We make objects to affect the world. "

Finally the one I had to have as my own White Rabbit. Image Courtesy of TCS

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