Saturday, January 3, 2009

Scallop Stitch

A new blanket found at the Thrift Fair on Aramingo Ave. How sad (but amazing for me) for someones hard work to end up in a thrift store. I will treasure this strangers labor of love.
Hazel certainly likes it.
I also picked up a few items from the house wares section that will make an appearance in the Soup Shop soon. Stay tuned folks.

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JohnBauer said...

you seem to either be firing a very tempremental kiln wich you blog each time you check the temperature
or suffer from insomnia or simply be addicted to blogging.

I collect doilies from junk shops so your thrift store find is of great intrest to me. I have over 1000 dolies and I cant get enough of them. my friends call me the doilie lama. a friend painted me with a giant doilie halo.

John bauer ceramic art john bauer is my blog have a lookcheers John