Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pottery Paycheck.

I am sitting here doing the Internet thing, drinking my afternoon coffee out of my favorite Paul Eshelman cup and what do you know, Paul is one of the other artists profiled in this months Ceramics Monthly Article "A Pottery Paycheck". I am so excited to be featured along side a veteran potter like Paul. I love his work. He was one of the first potters to inspire me to get it together and figure out how to make work. I cornered him for about an hour at The Baltimore Craft Show a bunch of years ago and asked him a million questions about how he makes his work. He was very accommodating even though I did not buy a thing (poor student at the time).

The other artist in the sneak peek is Diana Fayt. My Facebook friend and maker of beautiful pots.

Ceramics Arts Daily gave us this sneak peak at the article. I am still wondering who the other six potters might be.

P.S. House update. meeting with seller on Saturday!!! this really might happen.

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