Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pencil Heaven

"Designed by felissimo for social designer this complete set of 500 colored pencils consists
of 20 units, each pencil telling its own story with a unique name. you cannot buy the complete
set of pencils all at once, but you can receive them over the course of 20 months.
four different display methods let you keep your pencils at hand, while being displayed either
as an artwork, or kept aside as a special collection. the cases have been designed especially
for the 500 colored pencils and are available in a limited edition."


jimgottuso said...

i'm wondering if you ordered these... this is just the type of thing i would get even though i know i wouldn't ever really exploit all the colors.

Sarah Elliott said...

Where does one buy these, this would be fantastic...it appeals to both wanting that many colors as well as the OCD organization

Naomi Cleary said...

i have not ordered them yet but as soon as my house is finished i will be getting some for the clean studio.