Saturday, December 26, 2009

If Only Santa Had Known

Tim Lewis is a studio furniture maker right here in Philadelphia. His Studio is in Fishtown, right around the corner from my old warehouse studio. I am starting my Christmas list for next year right now....and these strap chairs are at the top of the list. I think I might have a finished living room by the next time Santa wiggles down the chimney.
Also these stools and table from the Plank Series would be a perfect addition to the living room.

Shoko Teruyama sent amazing work for the annual holiday show "Gifted" at The Clay Studio. Of the 60 plus artists that sent us work, I have to admit her work is my favorite. This three owl plate might have to be an early birthday present for myself.

And I recently discovered this design studio called makelike. They have done amazing things with logos and store design but I have to say, their succulent wall paper is absolutely the best thing ever. It is five color screen printed with metallic gold lines. And they are succulents! my favorite! It is not cheap but it is certainly on the list. You just never know.

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Pat said...

I want all of those things