Saturday, February 6, 2010

Winter Warmer

Super Snow Day.  The city is pretty much shut down and I don't have to go to work! No Clay Studio for me today and certainly no NCECA planning (sorry). You all know that I am working at The Clay studio as the NCECA Coordinator right. It is my very real excuse for not  having posted  regularly in the last few months. It is also the reason my house is getting fixed very very slowly. I am knee deep in 100 exhibitions but my own life is very much on hold.
Winter View of 27th Street 
Very snowy back yard, hard to imagine ever using the grill again.....oh spring time
Hazel and friends for ever
Thankfully my good friends Rob Sutherland and Kathy Hurchla live right across the street and invited me over for a warm and snuggly snow day. They have a wonderful wood stove and the dogs are very happy. Rob and Kathy have renovated three buildings on my block and are working on two more. They have been so generous with me since I bought my house (soon to be home), cooking me dinner, letting me stay for a few weeks before my house was inhabitable and being amazing resources for everything related to house fixing.
Matt Metz Teapot, Rob Sutherland mug and Corn Casserole by the lovely Kathy Hurchla
So we are staying warm.......learning how to use our new IPhones, so lame I know but Rob and I both got them this week. Watching awful, awful movies on tbs such as Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore in Music and Lyrics (barffff.) and now the not really so awful Twister. Rob is making soup.....more on that later today.

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