Thursday, December 9, 2010

Shopping: Kansas City Thrift

Kansas City was thrift store HEAVEN. I forget the name of this place but will find out.
I snagged these two pieces for our new living room (still in wallpaper scrapping mode but soon!)

I think they just need a light sanding and wax and perfecto - new coffee tables

Plastic stir sticks, from the days when airlines gave you booze, and a stick to stir it with.
Then there was this lovely shop called Mash Handmade.

I thought that the way they displayed every thing was really cute and well thought out. I am taking notes.

These were to wright a message in a bottle/test tube. Came with paper and pencil. Cute.

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meredith host said...

urban mining was the 1st place where you coffee table was stolen from you & boomerang was the stir stick place!