Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Visit: Kansas City Studios

This past Summer Daniel and I took a trip to Kansas City and stayed with our pals Rain Harris, Paul Donnelly and Meredith Host. We got a sneak peek at their Studios and I am finally getting time to post it here.
Rain works with a lot of parts. She amasses them in her studio and then builds her wall pieces. I want to see what these become.
Meredith is working with underglaze and layering using paper stencils. She has been collecting toilet paper for the patterns that each type has. These are transferred to her pieces using silk screens.

Greenware waiting for the bisque.

Rain on the computer
Merediths pieces get soooo many layers. Here pots are waiting for a decal firing.

Worker bees (Meredith and Jessica)

Meredith agreed to let me show the world how she keeps her wheel.

Folded Pigs

At the time Paul was working toward his show at Sherry Leedy Gallery.

I love that paul is combining hand building, throwing and slipcasting.
Jessica sorts out Rains life and Daniel wrestles with Franklin, the most gigantic dog I ever met.

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Jesse Lu said...

Yea-aah. Thanks for sharing. I adore Rain Harris' work! And I love looking at other people's studios. Hopefully you're too busy to post cause you are making a lot of work, that's how it goes right?